Enjoying the view from outside the box

“If you are going to walk on thin ice, you might as well dance!”  … Unknown

 My friends all know that I like living outside of the box.  When someone makes a comment about my upbeat … off-the-wall … unique way of thinking and being my response tends to be that I am simply enjoying the view that comes from perching on the outside edge of aforementioned cube.

I must confess … I’ve really never been much of a sitter … so it’s not completely correct to say that I “sit” on the big park bench outside of everybody’s comfort zone … it’s really more that I like to boogey out there.  I hear a different tune than most people and as they said in the 60’s … I dance to a different drummer ~  in all types of water conditions.  I’m happy that  … after all of these years … I’m finally O.K. with that.  I think that’s because I now realize that 1) “Normal” is a cycle on the washing machine and 2) boxes are meant to be containers to hold things in so that they don’t get lost … NOT so that I can take up residence in one … like my cats do.

At this point in my life I’ve given up on trying to convince anybody that a) that metaphoric ice isn’t nearly as thin as they think it is, b) worrying about the safety and long-term staying power of said ice is a waste of perfectly, good energy, or that c) dancing does NOT constitutes an increased danger level in the crossing of aforementioned ice.  Instead, Ms Perky and I have taken to blatantly disregarding the barrage of warning signs posted by all and sundry … and have instead thrown ourselves into joyously waltzing, sashaying and tangoing through all terrains and weather conditions with our very favourite dance partner … Life.  We’d love to stay & discuss the merits of ice dancing and living-without-walls… but Life just called and invited us out to a big, community, dance-a-thon … and who could resist an invitation like that?

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone.


About embracingchoice

Motivational Speaker, Author, Tweeter & Blogger (lovin' it!!) ... Owner & Leader of The Compassionate Advantage (http://www.compassionate-advantage.com)
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