Filling my cup with the good stuff

“It’s hard to fill a cup that’s already full.” Moat – Avatar

 It’s interesting to me that we all have so many opinions … but we don’t think that they are only opinions.  How often have you heard someone say: “I know …” or “Well that’s just the way it is.”  I know that I’m certainly guilty there.  In my life I have been oh-so-sure that I was right so many times that I’ve lost count.  I guess Life got tired of watching my cup-full-of-opinions run over and make a mess everywhere … so It took me out and placed me on a Life-Sabbatical so that I could empty out aforementioned cup and start filling it back up with a different way of thinking and Being.

Well  gosh darn … doesn’t that just turn out to have the greatest thing ever!??!  Whilst I can’t say that I really enjoyed the emptying out process a whole lot … I certainly do like the outcome.  I am a much happier camper these days.  It turns out that all of those opinions and beliefs … the “I’m-oh-so-sure” and the “Don’t-confuse-me-with-facts-I’ve-already-made-up-my-mind” stuff were turning the contents of my cup into a curdled, messy clump.  Not only is it “hard to fill a cup that’s already full” but it’s even more challenging for the contents of said cup to flow when it’s bogged down with the accumulated silliness’s of life.

Now I’m not saying that I never have opinions anymore … Life knows I do … but at least I now recognize them for what they are.  Life is patiently teaching me that It’s contents are meant to be shared … thus emptying out the good stuff in an easeful and friendly way … and … in the process … naturally making room for more of It’s goodies, sayings and love.  I give up being a “Bossy Boots” and in return Perky Polly & I get to share … be heard … and have fun in the process.  Well … that certainly seems like a fair trade to me!

Godspeed & Joyful Journeying Everyone


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