Changing my thinking ~ changing my world.

“What you think you are worthy of, is what you will ATTRACT. You change your Reality when you change your Mentality.” … Unknown

 From the time that we are young children there is always someone telling us how to behave … what to think and how to feel.  Whilst it is true that as children we do indeed require guidance to learn the rules of appropriate, societal behaviour what is NOT right is when those authority figures try to stop us from hearing our own voices or … when they teach us to forget how to acknowledge and trust our own feelings.

For the majority of my life I felt really uncomfortable … both with myself and my interactions with the world.  My inner child once described the world as: “verwy, verwy scarwy.”  I was always trying to keep myself and my children “safe” …but I wasn’t understanding that my constant focus on fearful things was acting like a jumbo, electro-magnet … constantly attracting more scary situations and people into our lives.

One of the many awesome lessons that I learned from my big time-out is that: “No matter what is going on around me … I can choose to feel good … and that those feelings will actually cause big changes in the world around me and in my life.”   On the days when I was the only one smiling on my isolation floor of fellow cancer patients I quickly learned that my inside approach really did affect … not only my own recovery … but also the mood of the medical staff and the other patients as well.

It took a long time but thankfully I’m finally getting it that I really am worthwhile.  Now that I’m letting those worthy feelings bubble to the surface Life is finding it much easier to drop amazing people and events onto my path.  My dreams are back with a vengeance and Life is helping Perky Polly and I to co-create even bigger and more joyful outcomes than we had ever imagined.  Miss Perky, Ms Sunshine & I are marching our positive attitude right out into the world and … as promised … said shared happiness is changing our reality … Time to release the balloons girls … oh and don’t forget the butterflies!

Arinaste Everyone (from my heart to your heart)


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