Learning to take life at a slower pace

“Rome was not built in a day.” … John Clarke

Here I am sitting in my local coffee shop thinking about all of the things that I “should” get done.  The longer I sit here the bigger the list gets. As I look at the list I am reminded that the fastest speed of a line of cars is determined by the speed of the slowest one … which always seems to be at the front of the line!  At the moment it would seem that I am the slow car.

Everyone tells me that I have to take it easy … that sometime within the next two years I will be able to do all of the things that I used to do.  My inner, ADHD child is hopping up and down wanting “sometime” to arrive “yesterday”.  I believe that this is what is called a “Push-me-Pull-me” scenario.  The speed at which I can accomplish aforementioned list is currently being determined my return to health … (at least there is good health to return to) … and so the inner kid is learning to enjoy making dream lists as we float down the big river-of-life.

I’ve had more than enough evidence that Capital “L” Life has a far different … and heck of a lot slower sense of when the optimal time is for … things to occur … people to show up … and my life to change.  We have had several, boisterous discussions on said “Divine timing” … and I still often find it frustrating when I have to move at the speed-of-the-world instead of my preferred speed-of-soul.  I have to admit, though, that all in all I’m generally pretty darn happy with the way the building of my bright-and-shiny future is coming along.

As neither Rome … nor a renewed body … nor even an awesome new life are “built in a day” I have decided to take Perky Polly up on her offer to share a comfy, jumbo inner tube … lay back with umbrella-topped beverage in hand … pop on a pair of Sunshine Sue’s favorite sparkly sunglasses … and enjoy the leisurely ride.  Life seems to be happy to direct our floating party to some … but not all … of the exciting ports-of-call that we point out and I am learning to be content with co-creating at a less frantic pace.  Life is good … and getting better every day.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone.


About embracingchoice

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