Learning to live by the “No-More-Shoulds” rule

“Do your best.  Stand strong in who you are and speak your Truth.  Who could ask more of you than that?”  …   Susanne

 There is a heck of a lot of Expectations floating around out there.  Everybody expects everyone else to behave a certain way … to talk a certain talk … and to walk a certain walk … and more often than not those are not ways that the individuals themselves are doing.  H-m-m-m … seems to me that, that makes those expectations … at best – relatively unrealistic … and at worst – a massive pile of “Shoulds”.

I don’t know about you but I have heard enough “Shoulds” in this lifetime to fill a large barrel … with a few buckets left over.  And I have this to say about that: “No more Shoulds!”  I have finally figured out that I have to stop the Vicious-Expectation-Cycle before anyone else is going to.  I have to stop “Shoulding” on me and then I will be strong & centered enough to enforce my new No-Shoulds-Allowed-Here boundaries and rules.  After all if I don’t care enough about myself to take a stand for respectful & reasonable behavior … who will?

I have discovered a new way to live.  In the past my inner Ms. Sunshine was so sweet and polite that we tended to let people walk all over us … but not any more.  After the 3 year sabbatical that Life took me on I’ve pretty much learned to stand up for myself … whilst still being as considerate as possible to those around me.  There are days when Miss Perky is definitely less-than-tolerant and as she can be pretty vocal I do my best to keep a low profile and the raspberry noises to a minimum at those times.  Life smiles and laughs … because It knows that I’m learning … growing … doing my best … and learning to be stronger and speak my Truth … and that sometimes that works out really well … and sometimes it’s just another learning experience.

Arinaste Everyone (from my heart to your heart)


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