Living and Loving every moment

“Don’t just count your years; make your years count.”  Ernest Myers

Very few people think about getting older.  Even fewer people seem to think about getting flat-out old!  The years pass without us even noticing as we get caught up in the day-to-day stuff-of-life.  Wow … before you know it you’re in your 40’s … 50’s … or beyond.  That’s a lot of years spent here on Planet Earth … and if we’re not mindful about the passage of time … it can be a lot years spent on make-busy projects and unfulfilling choices.

Almost without fail … at some point or another … a wake-up call comes into most people’s lives.  Wake-up calls come in a variety of packages and sizes ranging from the-car-accident-that-totaled-your-car-but-left-you-O.K. … to a friend or relative undergoing a big personal upheaval … to a major illness or catastrophe coming up and knocking on your door.  No matter what they look like … no matter how close or far from our own lives they are … wake-up calls present us with an opportunity.  They present with the chance to make new choices and … as their name implies … we have an opportunity to wake-up.

I’ve been hanging around this planet for a lot of years.  I looked at my son the other day and realized that when I was his age I was already a mom … and then I sat and wondered where all the intervening years had flown to.  I think that I’m finally getting the hang of how to have my feet planted on the earth whilst simultaneously dancing-the-dance with Life.  Perky Polly, Sunshine Sue and I are busy every day … leaping off of docks into new adventures … reveling in the finding of fascinating, new friends … and delighting in exploring where the awesome synchronicities of Life are leading us.  I’m not into counting my years anymore … because these days I am busy making every moment memorable.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone.


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