Pedaling down the road on the bike of Life.

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” … Albert Einstein

Having been ADHD all of my life I can certainly appreciate Albert Einstein’s sentiment.  My brain knows that he wasn’t directing his “keep-on-moving” statement to those of us who can barely keep still … but all-in-all … it’s reassuring to hear that even a genius recognizes that there is a certain rightness in movement.

Apart from coming to grips with the fact that I am … and probably always will be … an extremely, high-energy, little being I have finally managed to find a little calmness in the eye of my life’s habitual storm.  I would suspect that being forced to take a three-year time-out from the busyness of life has something to do with this … not to mention the fact that during said down-time I never stopped cleaning up my internal landscape and clearing out the accumulated debris of a lifetime.

Every day … for the last five years … life has presented me with opportunities to keep leaping back onto that metaphoric bicycle.  The girls and I have been flung off aforementioned bike so often that Perky Polly is limping around looking for alternate modes of transportation.  When she sighs and grumbles Life pats her gently on the hand … plasters some goo and a band-aid on her knee and sends her and Ms Sunshine off with the strong suggestion that they find some great, new adventures.  Yes … it would seem that we are all well on our way to mastering yet another life skill-set … that of leaping onto and off of tumbling bicycles … landing on our feet … and dashing happily off on a new road.  Well … it looks like it’s time to run … I see Miss Perky and Ms Sunshine waving and zooming down the road.  It looks like they’ve found a bicycle built for three … and I do believe that they have saved a seat just for me!

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone.


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