Pausing to breathe and moving on

“The harder life seems; the more you struggle. The more you struggle; the harder life seems. ~ Pause. Breathe. Start again.” … Susanne

 It’s a funny thing about life but sometimes it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.  If all we focus on … all we can see is the negative … both that which is around us and that which resides within our memories … then doesn’t it just seem like life keeps delivering more of the same to our door?  Now I’m not saying that some darn hard stuff doesn’t sometimes show up unannounced … but what I am saying is that if we want to do more than simply survive its arrival we need to find ways to “pause … breathe … and start again.”

Given that “the-brown-stuff-that-starts-with-S” happens in life I have found that it really behooves me to pay attention to … not only its arrival … but also what … if anything … I’m doing to attract aforementioned stuff.  One of the greatest gifts of my medical time-out was that it gave me both the time and the drive to clean up my internal landscape.  Boy what a mess that used to be … no wonder I wasn’t clear about things … and no wonder less than wonderful times kept knocking on my door.

I’m happy to report that three years … and many Celestial front-end-loaders filled to the brim later my insides are looking and feeling squeaky clean.  Sure, there is still stuff that comes up now and then but at least these days said stuff isn’t showing up with a bazooka in hand!  I’ve learned that when an old pattern comes a-knocking I need to take time out from whatever it is that I’m doing and sit down and figure out why it’s here.  Once my old pattern and I have squared things away I’m free to start again … without all of the messy triggers and invitations to disaster.  It’s simple really … “Pause … Breathe” … Embrace the old, frightened or sad parts … send them on their way … and “Start again.”

Arinaste Everyone (from my heart to your heart)


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  1. curvyelvie says:

    Great post…..

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