Opening doors with a lot less effort

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”… Adrienne Gusoff

I’ve noticed that things don’t always go exactly the way that I would like them to … and especially not in the time that I think that they should!  I’ve always had big plans and even bigger ideas.  Some of them worked … and some of them didn’t.  In looking back I think that I spent a lot of time “waiting for Godot” … you know … waiting for that just-right opportunity or person to come along and make everything magically work out O.K.

It’s interesting … I find that in the last few years I have become … simultaneously … both more realistic about how fast or slowly the world will move and more aware and connected to the feeling of rightness that comes when an idea or event unfolds with just enough speed to be visible and make me happy and just enough “right timing” to keep Capital “L” Life content.

I’ve learned that creating doors into new opportunities is an 80-20 mix.  I’m responsible for getting clear about what I want, where I want to end up and then keeping my eyes and heart open for the people, places and things that will support these wishes (that’s the 20%).  Capital “L” Life’s job is to provide the direction and synchronicities that will open aforementioned doors onto awesome new vistas (and that would be the 80%).

It’s funny how I used to have those percentages so mixed up.  I figured that Capital “L” Life was obviously dropping the ball and so I needed to be even more responsible and pick up the slack.   I didn’t realize that doors need to be co-created if they’re going to be truly effective and not wear Perky Polly and I to a frazzle.  These days I have big dreams but now … instead of trying to push the river along all by myself … I leave the even bigger plans to Life.  Perky Polly is heaving a big sigh of relief, wiping the sweat from her brow and staggering over to the recliner for a well deserved rest.  I … on the other hand … am preparing more dreams, hopes and desires for which … I am sure … Life will create beautiful and awesome doorways.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone



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