Getting clear and creating from there

“When I am clear, when I know my Truth and my heart agrees; other people’s opinions blow away like dust in the wind.” … Susanne

 I don’t know about you but I have been a People-Pleaser for pretty much my whole life.  I think that in part this is because it’s my nature to be a caring and compassionate person who truly wishes the best in life for others.  I think that the other part is the one that comes from the overt … or covert … teachings and messages that have filtered in … or been forcefully presented … from the media and the numerous authority figures in my life.

Now part of the problem; as I see it … is that I listened to these messages and instead of using discernment to decide if they were appropriate for me I simply soaked them up like a little sponge … just call me Sponge-Bobette Square-skirt!  The outcome of all the aforementioned absorption was … of course … a loss of connection to my Truth and an amplification of everyone else’s opinions and ideas.

Being shifted out of the world by Life for 3 years went a long way towards fixing that problem.  I spent most of my time wearing a metaphoric hard-hat and directing the Celestial clean-up crews and excavators as they assisted me in removing the old fears, opinions and general junk from within my internal world.  It took awhile but I’m pretty pleased with the results.  These days a stroll around the internal garden is a whole lot less likely to produce unexpectedly, disastrous results.  By extension my external world is correspondingly brighter and clearer as well.

I’m very clear about what is okay with me and what isn’t.  My inner space now has a pretty, white picket fence … as opposed to the previous fortress walls … and I have friendly … but firm … patrolling security guards whose job it is to detain any unsavoury ideas and opinions who may come poking around.  Once detained the light of my heart’s Truth quickly determines whether aforementioned opinions will be invited to stay or be blown away by Life like dust on the wind: all in all … a very good … and happiness producing solution.

Arinaste Everybody (from my heart to your heart)


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3 Responses to Getting clear and creating from there

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  2. Great quote! And even more fabulous as it’s a “Susanne Original”!

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