Letting my heart lead the way

“The world shouts “Should”. My heart says “Do what you love and what brings you Joy”. I think I’ll listen to my heart.” … Susanne

 I notice that there are a lot of people out there who think that they know what is best for everyone else.  Everyone has an opinion … about the news … about their friends, family and neighbours … or about the world in general.  How many times have you heard someone say: “You know what I think that (he/she/you) should do?”  I don’t know about you but throughout my life I’ve heard that a lot.

It’s been my observation that these opinions, shoulds and ideas are … in general … being offered by people who haven’t really solved their own problems yet.  Looking on the optimistic side perhaps they wish to save me from enduring the same miseries which are a part of their lives.  On the less positive side of things … perhaps it’s simply easier for them to look outward and try to “fix” me than to look inside of themselves and book time with the Celestial, Internal-Clean-up crew.

After all is said and done it really doesn’t matter what others’ reasons are for using “Shoulds” to try to control my thoughts, feelings or actions as I have happily come to the point in my life where my heart’s opinion is of far greater interest to me than all of the opinions in the world.  Faithful Fran is dancing.  Sunshine Sue is jubilant and Perky Polly is … well … perky.

Over the last few years I have come to … not only hear … but also to truly appreciate the song that my heart has been playing in the background.  Capital “L” Life is smiling.  Now that I’ve recognized that my little song is … and always has been … a part of Its greater symphony we are co-creating a brighter tomorrow with much more ease.  My heart was right when it whispered: “Do what you love and what brings you Joy” … and now … finally … I am.

Arinaste Everyone! (from my heart to your heart)



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