Enjoying the view with my Celestial SPF glasses

“Being lost in Drama and not seeing the good stuff is like wearing blackout glasses and complaining about the dark.”  … Susanne

 I understand that not everyone wants to … nor chooses to walk around with their own personal rendition of Perky Polly bouncing around just under their surface and I get that not everyone is able to jump on the Happy Wagon on a day-to-day basis.  I know from personal experience that sometimes really challenging times come along in life and hijack our trip.  … Here’s where the “but” comes in … “But” I have learned … often through the School-of-Hard-Knocks … that if all I’m focusing on are the negative circumstances of my life … or if I am toting around unhappy memories like they’re today’s lunch … then I’m going to … not only attract … but also constantly recreate a whole lot more of what I don’t want.

Being an ardent People-Watcher I see a lot of this form of creation happening.  This has led me to a few ideas … a) There seems to be a lot of complaining going on.  I can only assume that … as children … these complaining adults learned this unsupportive habit from their parents … who probably learned it from their parents, b) Old stories of yesterday’s woes, injustices and hard times are not nearly as entertaining as everyone thinks and c) aforementioned stories are not helpful … and serve no purpose … as far as I can see … other than keeping the past right up front and in the face of the person who is relating them.  Perhaps it’s time to consider a few changes in approach.

Sunshine Sue is really diligent about providing metaphoric sunglasses that meet current Celestial SPF (Sadness-Inducing Protection Factor) standards without blocking so much light that we can’t see the world around us.  We’re all well aware of the dangers of walking around with our eyes unprotected and the ensuing heart problems that, that can produce.  Having said that … we make sure that our eyes are kept open enough that we don’t miss the beauty of life and aforementioned heart open and ready to share its song of Life with any who would like to hear.   Miss. Perky, Ms Sunshine and our good friend Life wish you a wonderful time in a Drama-Free zone close to you.  Oh … and Life wants me to remind everyone to remember to wear their Celestial SPF glasses and enjoy the day.

Arinaste Everyone (from my heart to your heart)


About embracingchoice

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