Finding success with Radio Station H.E.A.R.T.

It’s not how much I do in a day that defines me as a successful person. It’s how well I follow the advice of my heart.” … Susanne

I’ve been an ADHD type personality since I was a little girl  Somewhere along the way I discovered the huge advantages of Making-Lists. I had lists for everything! I had short-term lists and long-term lists and I had shopping lists and Clean-up-the-house lists. If there was a chance that my brain might forget something … well … it went on a list.

Now don’t get me wrong … I still use lists … it’s just that these days they tend to reflect my really big To-Do-This-Week goals. You see … ever since I trekked down Life’s ‘Take-a-good-look-at-yourself-whilst-I-take-you-out-of-commission’ Road I’ve figured out that it’s not the day-to-day minutia that I need to be thinking about … it’s listening to the Song of my Heart.

This week’s much shortened … and to-the-point lists show up as ‘Sticky-Notes’ on my computer screen and remind me of the “I-really-need-to-get-this-done-this-week” stuff. My heart doesn’t have a list because I have discovered that if I clean out my internal ears and plug-in the amplifier that’s connected to internal radio station H.E.A.R.T. all I really need to do is let its music play on an ongoing basis and be aware of when it’s message requires a little more conscious focus.

The ADHD personality is a lot quieter these days. Miss Perky and I still accomplish more in one day than the average person does in week … but now our Doing is driven more by what our Heart counsels and less by what the world thinks we Should do. At the end of a long day I can often still be found checking things off of my Mental-List … but even that is calmer. The songs that play on radio station H.E.A.R.T are the songs of Life and the melodies of my Spirit and their encouraging messages remind me that 1) Who I am is always good enough, 2) What I did was enough for today, and 3) Tomorrow is another day bright with possibilities. Miss Perky is humming, Life is harmonizing and I am smiling. Life is good.

Arinaste Everyone (from my heart to your heart)



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