Letting my heart lead the way

Only our own Truth and Heart’s Song can guide us to our optimal life ~everything else is simply someone else’s opinion.” Susanne

Over the years I have been busy honing my “Opinion Radar”.  When I was a little kid I figured that everyone knew more than me about life. Sadly life and people quickly disabused me of that notion and with the strict upbringing that I had, I learned early on that even if I had doubts … I had best keep them to myself.

My mom and dad’s “Children should be seen and not heard” parenting style had the unfortunate side effects of causing me to 1) doubt my own inner knowing, 2) lose touch with my Heart’s Song and 3) wander around in a fog of resentment. My mom and dad … like many parents … didn’t know how to hear their own inner voice and so … of course … they had no way to encourage me to listen to mine. What a shame … for everyone involved.

In the years between there and here I have slowly figured out how to, not only turn the volume back up on my Heart’s Song, but also to tune out a lot of the background, worldly noise. The aforementioned “Opinion Radar” has had numerous upgrades and now functions as a polite … but firm … guardian of my boundaries. As well, Ms. Sunshine and I have learned how to keep people firmly … but surprisingly happily … on their side of our boundary fences.

Life is good. My heart is in a constant state of singing and I am awed by the intricate way it has of blending its voice with Capital “L” Life’s. Now that I have figured out what internal radio station plays the best music I find it is much easier to see and hear the “off” notes that often pop up around me. I am happy to report that … in general … others discordant songs no longer send me into a tailspin. These days I simply re-attune to Life’s great symphony … remember my part in it … remind myself that underneath the surface static everyone’s heart belongs to it … and continue on my way … singing and humming as I go.

Arinaste Everyone (from my heart to your heart)



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