Today is the day and Now is the time

“You know all of those things that you always wanted to do? Now is the time.” … Susanne

O.K … so we’re all caught up in the buzz. You know that buzz … the one that the media and the authority figures in the world would have us believe is the way that we all Should be living!??! Yea … that one. I think that Dr. Phil sums up my main question about that way of being very nicely when he asks: “So how’s that workin’ for you?”

We are trained from our early days that if we’re not Doing then we are either a) lazy, b) unproductive or c) unlovable. We’re taught that if we aren’t running around trying to do what everyone else is trying to do then all sorts of terrible things will occur … or not occur as the case may be. Has anyone else out there ever heard a variation of: “You’ll never attract a great husband/friend/lover/job … if you aren’t neater/faster/prettier/wealthier …” … well you get the picture.

Having lost an eighteen year son and an 82-year-old dad to car crashes … having fought and overcome bone-marrow cancer … having successfully beat M.R.S.A. to death – losing one hip and a femur in the process … I have come to a couple of conclusions … one of which is: there is no point in waiting for tomorrow. My mother used to say: “You never know what tomorrow will bring.” and she was right.

Goals, dreams and plans are wonderful and they give me a path of possibility upon which to walk … but I need to remember that ultimately today is where life happens. Capital “L” Life, Miss Perky and Ms. Sunshine have taught me a lot.  Probably the biggest lesson that I have taken to heart is: Love who you are. Love where you are. Love what you’re doing … and then even if things don’t work out the way you planned … you’ll be happy and have fun in the process. Holy Cow … got to run … five million dreams, hopes and wishes …that had got lost in the mail … just arrived on the front doorstep and Perky Polly is jumping up and down in excitement. “You know all of those things that (I) always wanted to do?” Well it looks like Now is the time.

Arinaste Everybody. (From my heart to your heart)


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