Enjoying the ride on the Joy Bandwagon

“Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.” … Marianne Williamson

 I think that … as a society … we have become used to complaining. We seem to have … predominantly … forgotten to appreciate the good things in our lives. Granted sometimes we have to look a little harder to find said happy circumstances and granted that sometimes aforementioned good things are also small things … but they are there to be found … and we are blessed to have them.

Whenever I want to remind myself of how blessed I am to: a) be living in this country, b) be returning to health and c) be able to eat regularly and sleep with a roof over my head … I have a wee peek at the news. It doesn’t take me very long at all to not only notice the drought, famine, dictatorial leadership and repressive regimes but also to offer up a big “Thank You” to Capital “L” Life for my current living conditions.

 Miss Perky and I have made a commitment to both ourselves and Life that goes like this: … “As we seem to have … not only survived all sorts of medical and life inconveniences … but also to have transited through to the other side pretty, darn well … we commit to finding, reveling in, making a lifestyle of and sharing Joy both within our own lives and the lives of everyone with whom we come in contact.” It’s working out pretty well so far! The more Joy we find and make a part of our lives the more Joy Life delivers to our doorstep. The inner Sunshine and Perk Crew and I think that this is an awesome way to live … and we invite you to jump on our Find-Joy-and-Appreciate-Life Bandwagon too … it’s a great ride and has one heck of view … not to mention the positive side-effects of Polly’s habitual ice cream cone celebrations … Sunshine Sue’s snazzy sunglasses and … of course … the non-stop Joy of Life’s awesome presence.

 Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


About embracingchoice

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