Planning a trip to the Land of Dreams Come True

“You are the only one who can get clear about what you truly want ~ today is the perfect day and now is the perfect time.”   …   Susanne

I’ve found in life that something pretty much always comes up that is not a part of my predetermined intentions.  I have on display the numerous “Monkey-Wrenches” that have been thrown into my previously smoothly running plans and a large assortment of “Alternate-Routes” … that show up in bright red marker … on my map of where-I-thought-that-I-was-going.  Yes indeed … life is certainly full of twists and turns.

Whilst the local branch of the Celestial CAA is having a grand old-time inventing scenic, new routes for me to travel I think that it’s way past time for me to put my little foot down … get clear about what I want … be firm but still open to possibilities … and then engage with Life as It works Its co-creative magic with me.  I do understand that if I am not crystal clear about where I want to ideally end up that my route to aforementioned, vague destination is going to be circuitous at best and darn right invisible at worst.

Over the years there have been a lot of people who have had suggestion regards their ideas about my journey … and the opinions on how my life could be better/different/other are just too numerous to count.  The good news is that somewhere between there and here I have discovered that inside of me resides the perfect guide … with the greatest advice … and the best binoculars ever.  These days … at the beginning of each adventure … said guide plunks me down at one of my internal, picnic benches so that he and Life can pinpoint exactly where I’d like my dreams to take me.  After that we’re off and running.  The route is still usually a surprise … but I’m O.K. with that … because I know that with Life, my far-sighted guide and I working together the Land of Dreams-Come-True is closer than it looks … and the trip there will be a blast.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone



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