It’s time to plant some seeds of Joy

“Scatter joy!”  …Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s always easy to find things to be unhappy about … the real trick to life is being observant and open enough to let the good things in.  There’s drought in the Mid-West of America … war in the Middle East … abject poverty in the Third World … an expanding desert in Africa and financial instability world-wide.  Wow, that’s a lot of things to be upset about … and yet …

There are many towns where people have pulled together to support each other through the tough times … there are moments of great courage and compassion throughout both the Third World and the war-torn regions of the world and in the midst of both ecological and financial disaster there are many who continue to live their lives as if sharing the joy within their hearts is more important than any physical discomforts.

Like many others I have walked the corridors of hospitals and isolation wards … had killer chemotherapy, radiation, too many months worth of antibiotics and numerous surgeries … and yet I can tell you with great conviction that throughout all of that it was … and still is … the sharing of the joy within that made the journey without both bearable and enlightening.

Perky Polly is ever-present.  Her joy is my joy and together we carry it out into the world.  Miss Perky thinks that as our joy is simply an extension of the natural outpouring of Capital “L” Life’s that everybody can learn to feel and share it too … and so to this end Polly has placed a huge order with Life for Happiness-Seeds … apparently she has plans for scattering them everywhere.  With any luck … and some open and willing hearts … we should be seeing a fine crop of Joy growing in the not-too-distant future.

Arinaste Everyone (from my heart to your heart)



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