Loving Life’s many disguises

“I have found that if you love Life, Life will love you back.”  …  Arthur Rubinstein

 I always find it interesting to sit in local coffee shops.  The people who show up there are as varied as the types of donuts for sale and their reactions to each other are just as wide.  I was out this morning with a young friend of mine and as I waited for him to make it to the front of a long line-up (obviously a very popular doughnut and coffee shop!) I indulged in one of my favorite past-times … people watching.

A lovely, older gentleman of obviously, European heritage watched as my brightly colored cane & I made our way to an available table.  His smile was sweet and the few lines we exchanged let me see how lonely he was.  In the past I may have had judgments about him … the way another, much younger girl in the line did as he spoke with her … but today I simply saw Life shining out through his eyes and inviting me to share a smile.

I have found that Life doesn’t always announce Its presence in big ways … with blaring trumpets … or with ticker tape parades but if I pay attention to what my heart sees instead of what my mind yaks on about then I am more often than not happily surprised.  In contrast to other people who seem to be either looking for the big fireworks entrance … and therefore miss Its subtle presentation … or have given up on Life showing up at all and so … once again … miss out on Its Presence … I am one wide-open book: smiling at all and sundry in anticipation of a beautiful Life-sized smile coming back.

I love my life and I love Life and whilst Miss Perky may not be everyone else’s first choice of dinner companions … when Life shows up … in Its many and wondrous disguises … she is always welcomed with smiles and shining eyes.  We all especially like the way other people seem to feel almost compelled to get in on the smile-fest as well … that is just an awesome site to behold.  Each day I continue to see and feel Life’s awesome Presence dancing down life’s road with me … and personally … I don’t think that I could ask for a better traveling companion.  Well Miss Perky and I are off to share our smiles with others.  It will be wonderful to see through which pair of eyes Life shines today.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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  1. Really like how well this blog has been set out, it has even given me some ideas for my blog. Good job.

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