Welcome to Theme Park Earth

“No matter what the circumstances around us may be like we are always free inside of our hearts and minds.”  Susanne

I think that life is really amazing.  If this were a theme park people would be lined up around the block for a chance to experience what we take for granted every day.  Yes siree … we have danger … we have excitement … we have conflict and we have love … there are highs and there are terrible lows … and the price of admission to all of this incredible adventure? … simply check your soul memories at the gate and agree to immerse yourself in the drama of it all.

It’s funny isn’t it … how real everything seems here … how things on the outside of ourselves seem to hold such power and control.  And yet … when we stop … even for a moment … take a breath … gather our intentions … and focus on what we really want/need/desire … it turns out that we are the ones who have the true power.  It also turns out that aforementioned power was hiding inside of ourselves all the time:  all we had to do was reach inside … remember the backpack of memories that we left at the gate and reclaim it.

In our hearts lies the Truth of us and in our minds lies the truth of the world.  When our minds finally learn to work with our hearts instead of against them we can play in our marvelous theme park as free men and women … no longer lost in the dream of a nightmarish park … but wide awake and free of the drama.  Finally we get it that: No matter what the circumstances around us may be like we are (once again … and have always been) free inside of our hearts and minds. So … on that note I do believe that it’s time for Life to hop into one of these world-sized bumper cars and join in the fun.  “Fasten your seat-belt my big, Celestial friend … it’s time for you, me and Miss Perky to go for a spin.  W-h-e-e-e-e …”

Arinaste Everyone (from my heart to your heart)



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