Happiness welcome here!

Happiness is not a station you arrive at, but a manner of traveling. … Margaret Lee Runbeck

 I was out shopping today … not looking for anything in particular … just walking off a bit of a funk … and as always the exposure to sunshine, fresh air and good deals lifted my spirits back into the realm of Perma-Perk and out of the rainy spell that had temporarily wandered across my inner landscape.  Whilst out and about … observing aforementioned good deals … I watched as one customer after another sashayed into the store … frowns and condescending looks intact … and after a short perusal of the merchandise … grumpily stomped on out again.  “H-m-m-m”, I said to myself … “Somebody’s not open to feeling happy today!”

Of course their state of mind and heart is obviously not simply about whether or not the store had a great sale going on … or whether the sun was shining … or even whether the boss just gave them a big raise or alternatively passed them over for promotion … I think that what is really going on is a loss of perspective.  It has been my observation that … in general … people are so focused on what isn’t going right that they forget to be appreciative and excited about what is good. They’re so busy looking forward or elsewhere that they are missing out on Now.

I think that Margaret Lee Runbeck is correct.  Happiness isn’t a destination … it’s a way of being.  Whilst Hafiz – the Sufi poet – may have seen Happiness “running through the streets trying to find you” it has been my experience, that unless we are open to that visit Happiness could be pounding on the door for days and we’d never even hear it. I’m pretty fortunate … Miss Perky has really great hearing … and after all of the tough times that we’ve been through the two of us have a permanent “Welcome Happiness” sign crayoned on the front door.  Happiness wants me to remind you that the next time you look up and see us skipping down the street hand-in-hand … remember that you don’t have to wait another minute to join the Happiness-Celebration … you are always welcome.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone



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