I’ve been diagnosed with the Happiness virus and I think I’m contagious.

“I caught the Happiness virus last night when I was out dancing under the stars.” … Hafiz

 Miss Perky and I like Hafiz.  Perky Polly thinks that she and he must be distant cousins on her mother’s–brother’s-eldest-daughter’s-one-step-removed side of the family as they are both so in tune with the Happiness vibe that Capital “L” life is putting out.  We don’t run into a lot of people who seem to be as interested in dancing with the joyful side of life as we are … so it’s always nice to discover another Being whose thoughts and feelings run in the same direction as ours … even if he is 600 years gone from this world.

As in any era there is always lots of stuff about which we could, potentially, be less-than-pleased/“unhappy” … but then again … there’s always a multitude of things about which we can be happy as well!  The world revolves … governments change … civilizations rise and fall … but some things remain: a) we always have a mind that can make choices regards what it hears and thinks, b) we always have a heart that can choose which feelings, philosophies or beliefs to embrace and, c) Like the stars above, Capital “L” Life is eternally hanging around watching and sharing the Happiness-Vibe.

Hafiz found Happiness under the stars one night.  I’m really blessed.  I found Happiness through both the birth of my awesome, loving sons … and then later in life … past the tragedy of losing one of them and the challenge of the War-against-Cancer-and-MRSA … in the joy of my returning health, a brighter view of the world and my deepening connection to Life and to life.  You see it’s not enough for me to only walk through life in good health.  And it’s not enough for me to only walk around the world hand-in-hand with Life.  For me the Big-Happiness-Celebration takes place on a moment-to-moment, day-to-day basis … throughout which Life, Miss Perky, Ms Sunshine and I dance, slide and jiggle our loving and connected way through life-here-on-Earth. So …whether it’s under the stars; dancing with the memory of Hafiz … or sashaying through the world and sharing our joy … life is good … and we are all very Happy Campers!

Arinaste Everyone (from my heart to your heart)


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