Giving myself permission to simply be me.

“As soon as you believe that a label you’ve put on yourself is true, you’ve limited something that is literally limitless … into nothing more than a thought.”    Adyashanti

 One of the most exciting things about babies growing up … in my opinion … is when they learn to talk.  All of a sudden a new world opens up for them … and for we parents … no more guessing as to what the current grunt or Humph noise means … they are communicating! The little ones catch on to our excitement, begin to categorize more and more things and learn more and more ways to wrap something free and mysterious up into a single word … quite an accomplishment.

Obviously if we’re all going to be able to talk to each other here on good, old Planet Earth we need to find ways to communicate …  in an understandable manner … what are often completely different ideas, viewpoints and experiences.  From that point of view language is a good thing.  The downside that I see to this whole quantifying-life thing is that … in general … it seems that the people of the worlds are using this most marvelous of tools to actually divide themselves from each other rather than unify themselves.

My mom used to sing a little song that said: “You say tom-ay-toes and I say tom-ah-toes; you say pot-ay-toes and I say pot-ah-toes …” and we would all laugh at the silliness of getting bent-out-of-shape about a simple pronunciation.  Somehow, the humour of this wise little ditty seems have become lost in the world … and I’m not just talking about potatoes and tomatoes here either!

Everybody has become so entrenched in their way of thinking that simple words have become fortress walls within which they crouch ready to defend their positions with guns blazing.  One of the really sad things about this is that as the simple words produce castle-like results … the big-important words are netting all-out war and people no longer feel free to simply communicate the beauty of themselves … and life … directly to the beauty of another.  Miss Perky (who has never been know for her political correctness), Ms Sunshine (the optimist of the group), Capital “L” Life (well we all know who that is), and I sat down to talk about this the other evening. Over pink drinks with little umbrellas in them we decided … both individually and as a group … that we are going to ignore all limiting boxes from this point forward and simply focus on the radiant … although often hidden … beauty of the world around us.  Sounds like a plan … Stan … so here’s radiant us bidding fabulous you a fond farewell until we meet again…

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone



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