Happiness has come home to stay.

“Happiness is being O.K. with who you truly are ~no matter what anyone else thinks.” … Susanne

 I think that we’ve all been in the position of thinking that we had to meet someone else’s expectations in order to be “O.K.”  We learn that troublesome habit as young children whilst trying to avoid letting any more #@!# hit our proverbial fan than absolutely has to.  On one hand … it’s probably a good thing that we learn a few social graces so that we don’t go running and screaming through the world on a daily basis. (Although I’m not totally convinced that all adults learned that particular lesson.)  On the other hand towing somebody else’s line certainly stifles creativity.

These days I’m all about being respectful and being respected.  I don’t think that it serves anyone well for me to be wandering through the world with the In-Your-Face attitude that pervaded my youth.  A combination of age, healing and learning better social skills has allowed me to understand that my previous lack of graceful interaction was simply my way of attempting to keep myself safe.  Thankfully my inner Perky Polly and Sunshine Sue bounced up to the surface, moved into the spare room in my mind, and I’ve been a happy camper ever since.

It took a long time but I can finally say that … indeed … I am truly happy with who I am.  Am I perfect? Good God no … just ask my son.  Is it O.K. with me that I’m not?  Oh yeah!  Each day … I give it my all … make sure that I listen to Capital “L” Life’s awesome advice … and do my best to “perk” my way through the world.  So far … so good!  Things still don’t always go as planned … sometimes I still get grumpy with the general silliness of the world … and occasionally I am less than Sunshiny and Perky … but even that’s O.K. … because like storms over water … those times pass … I’m O.K. with myself … and happiness seems to have come home to stay.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone



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