Building a bright tomorrow one moment at a time

“Don’t predict the future based on the past. Instead, decide what you want the future to hold, then find ways to create it.” … Che Garmen

 I really like my life these days.  I love the way my inner landscape has stopped looking like a war-zone and is now liberally scattered with comfy chairs and signs that proclaim things like: “Good Times ahead” and “2 miles to Happiness.”  I like reading aforementioned signs and anticipating fun visits to Happiness Row and the Village of Good Times.

I’m having a blast in my travels through life these days. Miss Perky only wants to travel if Sunshine Sue and Life go with us.  Ms Sunshine only wants to visit places where she can flash her snazzy glasses and Life is all about living in the present.  So … any place that advertises Memory-tours complete with painful memorabilia is a no-go for all of us.  No matter where we are both girls refuse to lug around anything heavier than this morning’s news … and they’re pretty quick to ditch that too if it’s nothing but bad … so I don’t really have any other option but to toss the negative stuff out the door.

Apparently Capital “L” Life has been coaching Polly and Ms Sunshine on the “Correct-Application-of-Positive-Beingness” and they love sharing their new lessons.  Consequently our entire approach to life these days is one of looking forward in joyful anticipation … making optimistic plans … and sharing dreams of a bright tomorrow with Life.  Yesterday is filed away under: “Things never to do again”, “Things to definitely do again”, and “Wow, what was I thinking?”  The past is all over and done with now … ancient history … today is great, and tomorrow is filled with opportunities.  I am definitely a happy sojourner and to paraphrase Che Garmen: I know what I want my future to hold and I’m finding ways to create it!

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone.


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