Givng gifts and fulfilling my purpose

The purpose of life is to discover your gift. The meaning of life is to give your gift away.” David Viscott

Hardly anyone recognizes them … but we’ve all got them. Not everyone appreciates their own … or anyone else’s for that matter … but it doesn’t matter … because our gifts are here to stay. It makes no difference if you are the most insecure, self-conscious person on the planet … or the most cocky, arrogant guy or gal on the block … inside of your heart there lies a marvelous secret … and it is almost never what you think it is.

Even the shyest of people and the most downtrodden of races have the ability to dream. Other people may try to kick the @#*# out of those dreams … but they can never completely eradicate them … for they live in the heart and in there they are safe. The outspoken and arrogant ones have their dreams too … and no matter how much bluff and bluster they may jam pack into their lives their dreams are safe in their hearts as well.

Our dreams are intimately linked to our gifts. Our gifts are the wonderful abilities given to us by Capital “L” Life before we began this trek to help us achieve aforementioned dreams. You see Life has this knack for knowing what we’re going to be needing this time through and then synchronistically providing it. It is then our job to unpack the box of goodies that It gave us and rediscover the awesome Beings whom we came here to be.

Think of this decades long trip as an extended version of summer camp. There are parts of it you love … parts that you never want to experience again … people who really float your boat and others who you’d prefer to toss off the end of the dock. And, once in a while unexpected packages arrive from Home … the purpose of said packages being to assist you with uncovering your gifts. Once aforementioned gift is in your hand (or heart as the case may be) you get to share it … give it away (like cookies in the care-package-from-home) … and discover the Joy of living a life that’s on task. Well I’ve got to run now … Life has conscripted Polly and I to deliver Notes-From-Home to all you campers in an effort to remind you what truly gifted Beings you are … and to brush your teeth before you go to bed … sigh … some things never change.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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