Modifying Michelangelo’s stance

“In every block of marble I see a statue as plain as though it stood before me, shaped and perfect in attitude and action. I have only to hew away the rough walls that imprison the lovely apparition to reveal it to the other eyes as mine see it.” … Michelangelo

Wow … isn’t that just like life!??! A lot of times we are given circumstances that would try the patience of a saint and yet … when all is said and done … often extraordinary things come out of said situations. If we’re very, very lucky we can sometimes see a glimmer of the possibilities that lie hidden within but let’s face it … Michelangelo was definitely ahead of his time.  Now the good news about that is that if he was ahead of his time … then perhaps we are living in the perfect time to uncover within ourselves the same inherent ability that he demonstrated.

Even as a little kid I was pretty infamous for my stunningly accurate (and usually less than tactful) outpourings of “Knowing”.  Like Michelangelo with his statues I have always seen the awesome and beautiful souls who live inside of the bodies that are walking around the world.  Unlike Michelangelo’s work, however, no-one really seemed to appreciate my efforts to free aforementioned awesomeness.

Fortunately … somewhere  between  “there” and “here” I have learned that: 1) No-one wants to be “hewed”, 2) Everyone wants to be loved the way that they are , 3) They’ll do their own chipping away of “rough walls” when they’re good and ready and lastly … and most importantly …   4) They’re not statues … they’re people who deserve the opportunity to discover themselves … for themselves … and it is not my right to try to change them.

All of these realizations make me a much happier camper.  I still see the beautiful souls … “shaped and perfect in attitude and action” that lie within everyone but these days I am doing my best to follow Life’s Guidebook on Accepting-People-Where-and-How-They-Are … after all … Life has always supported and loved me with all my little idiosyncrasies.  Perky Polly, Sunshine Sue & I are waving a fond farewell to Judgmental Janice and have decided to model ourselves after our wonderful friend and Master Sculptor and Creator … Capital “L” Life.  Well … got to run … Life is holding our first class in The Understanding and Gentle Uncovering of Beautiful Souls … and I wouldn’t want to be late.

Arinaste Everyone (From my heart to your heart)



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