Waking up and smiling at today

“Everything we go through in life prepares us ~often in ways we can’t imagine ~ for what is to come.” … Susanne

My mom used to say: “When God closes one door He opens another one.”  I groaned inwardly every time she said that.  Funny isn’t it how life’s foibles and twists and turns have a habit of changing our minds about so many things.  These days … having had bunches of the aforementioned doors not only shut but slammed shut … I am much more open to her advice and watchful for the opening ones!

In this world there are so many ways that the course of our day … week … year … or even life can change.  It can happen in an instant … like the poor soul who was driving the car that skidded on the wet road and ricocheted off of … not one … but two cement barriers.  Mother Nature can turn your life upside down in less time than it takes for you to blink … as the people of Jersey Shore, Atlantic City and Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture, in Northeastern Japan can attest to … or it can occur during the slow battle with a major illness.

It doesn’t ultimately matter how our sudden awakening occurs … or even if the waking up is not sudden but rather an unfolding process.  I believe that if we’re: 1) paying attention, 2) resisting the enormous urge to feel sorry for ourselves and 3) doing our best to do our best … that the positive outcome of the journey has the potential to outweigh the scary, sad or just downright yucky trip that we just took.

Everything that I have gone through in life has not only prepared me for today but has also made me into the person whom I am today.  I am way more understanding … a ton less likely to leap into Judgment … and Compassion is pretty much my middle name now.  All of that is great … and I’m very happy being me … walking through the world with Miss Perky, Ms Sunshine and Life.  Having said that I have to admit that the next time Life thinks that I would benefit from a change of scenery … and gets ready to close a door … my vote is going to be for a more relaxed, upbeat route to the next new me!

Arinaste Everyone (from my heart to your heart)


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