Giving up “Shoulds” as I float down the Happiness River

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” … Rumi

 I can’t help but notice that there is a lot of “Shoulding” going on in the world.  Every different political party has their list of things that they think the other one “should” be doing to make things better.  Religious institutions have their lists of Should-do’s and Have-To-Do’s in order for their parishioners to get to “the good place”.  And … not to be left out … parents, teachers, lovers and friends all have their lists as well.

My people-watching has led me to believe that it is almost always fear that drives people to try to control life.   They have forgotten that inside of their human outsides is an amazing and awesome Soul … just waiting for a crack in the proverbial armour so it can come out and play in the world.   My own experiences with fear and challenge allow me to resonate with how scary the Internal-Clean-Up process can be … but it has also given me the clear Understanding of how great it feels when we get to the other side.

These days my soul and I are pretty much in sync and Rumi was right … when (I) do things from my soul I feel joy!  I feel the river of Life flowing around me and as I float down aforementioned river with Capital “L” Life the possibilities that drift within arm’s reach are awesome.  Miss Perky dumped another load of “Shoulds” … hopefully one of the last … in one of the local dumpsters in the last town in which we stopped and now I am caught in an upward spiral … the more “Shoulds” I give away ~the easier it is to do things that my Soul wants to do.  The more I follow my Soul’s Joy the more joy Life flows into my day-to-day living. Up and up and on and on I go …what an awesome way to live!

Arinaste Everyone


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