Keep It Simple Susanne

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” … Leonardo da Vinci

Adults have developed such an awesome ability to complicate things.  Have you ever watched a child playing?  They don’t waste a lot of time of planning elaborate schemes … other than big, fun fantasy worlds … nor do they spend endless hours trying to foresee every possible eventuality to every single moment … they simply live.

If aforementioned child were to be transplanted instantaneously to an adult body they wouldn’t waste time on Googling every nuance of life unless it was of interest … of use … and downright fascinating.  When did we lose this ability to dive into the moment and resurface refreshed … rejuvenated … and simultaneously possessing the knowledge that we need right here … and right now?

Long ago Capital “L” Life whispered in my ear: “The best way … the easiest way is to K.I.S.S.” … and no … It wasn’t referring to a Big-hug-and-a-kiss.  Having fallen into complicated, adult habits it took awhile for me to figure out that what It was trying to tell me … in its own cryptic way … was to Keep It Simple Susanne!  “Ah-h-h-h” said I: “Got it” … and to a certain degree I did get it.

These days I am walking through life hand-in-hand with Perky Polly and Ms Sunshine. … after all they don’t come any more kid-like or simple and clear in their viewpoints and interactions than those two.  Miss Perky and Ms Sunshine remind me not to fall into the potential abyss of “other-people’s-stories” and to check in with my Heart and with Life on a regular basis.  “So” saith I: … “this time I think I’ve really got it Life … or at least a good chunk of it. … Oh … and if I’m missing something my good and dear friend … could you please do your best to make sure that the next lesson is more easeful!??!  Much gratitude and love from your “simple” and grateful friends.””

Arinaste Everyone (from my heart to your heart)


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