Dancing the Happy-Dance with Life

“No pessimist ever discovered a star or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit.” Helen Keller

People laugh when I talk about my inner Perky Polly.  They say: “Oh that’s so you Susanne.”  What they don’t realize is that it is actually this particular quality that has enabled me to endure … and not simply to endure … but to thrive where others have literally perished.  It is my “perky” self and my “sunshine” approach that keeps me bubbling back to the top of the river of life … even when I find myself unexpectedly caught in the rapids.

When people hear or read about my journey through Medical Crisis Land they regularly ask me: “But you’re so positive … how do you do it?” and my response is always: “What are my options?”  In my mind every challenging situation or person presents us with an opportunity to make a choice:  1) we can choose to let the bad times defeat us and simply put in time until our time here is done or 2) we can do our best to do and to give the situation and ourselves our very best.

Now I have to be honest and tell you that during my extended “trip” there were times when Miss Perky hid in the closet and there wasn’t a ray of Sunshine to be seen anywhere.  However, even in the darkest of days I understood that if I was going to survive this “uncharted land” and both open and walk through the new doorways which Life kept opening for me … that I would need to find ways to encourage Miss Perky to remain a permanent and participatory resident in my life.

Fortunately it has always been my nature to walk through life with Life … to relentlessly pursue Joy … and to discover … if not stars … then at least awesome, new ways of traveling.  So … all-in-all … it wasn’t too hard to convince Miss Perky to commit to Life and I … especially when we promised her a regular supply of ice cream and balloons … nor did Ms Sunshine fight overly hard once we showed her Life’s endless supply of snazzy eye-wear.  Together the four of us are dancing a happy-dance and we’re teaching the steps to anyone who is willing to learn.  If it looks like we’re having fun … we are … feel free to join in anytime you’d like to  … we all love new dance partners!

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


About embracingchoice

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