Working out at the Share Joy Fitness Center

“Live without judgment. Love without reservation. Give without expectation of return. Share Joy without boundaries.” … Susanne

It seems to me that one of the biggest obstructions to being happy in life is the massive weight of Judgment.  Judgment keeps us from accepting ourselves … other people … our jobs … our lives … and even our world.  It is a silent … or sometimes not-so-silent … companion whose presence forms a barrier between our Hearts and the world and keeps us from truly connecting with the people around us.

Judgment plays so many roles … speaks in so many voices … tells so many stories.  It can look like the country that bombs its neighbors before they can do it to them.  It often sounds like the person talking down to everyone from their own personal, moral high-ground.  Its language is the language of “better than” … “not good enough” … and  “if-you’re-not-one-of-us-then-you’re-one-of-them” … and all of these things that it does; it does because it is afraid.  It is afraid because it knows that if we ever stop listening to it … we will realize that we no longer need it.  On that glorious day we will finally be freed from feeling like we have to hide our loving Hearts and it knows that … when this happens … it will be redundant.

 In the meantime I believe that we should practice our love-without-reservation and give-without-expectation-of-return abilities.  We’ve been listening to our old buddy Judgment for so long that our Happiness muscles are often woefully out of shape.  I think that it’s time to work them out at the Celestial Share-Joy Fitness Center.  Remember … as with any new fitness regime … take it easy at first. Perhaps you can start off with a few smiles at people with whom you live or work.  Eventually … after your happiness-sharing muscles have developed … you will be able to dive into full-blown Perky Polly or Paul sessions with all and sundry … sharing joy without boundaries … giving, loving and living without reservation … and inspiring others around you to ask: “What did you say you did to become so happy?”

Godspeed and joyful Journeying Everyone



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