What would you do?

“What would you do if you knew that you only had a year to live?  Start doing those things now.” … Susanne

 Life here on Earth is unpredictable … precious … and often far shorter than we would wish it was.  Every day people live to be 90 years of age … and every day children die before their time … that’s the unpredictable part.  For me the unpredictable is one of many things that makes this life so precious.

Everyone gets so caught up in the busyness of day-to-day life and they all-too-often forget to put their energy and their focus on the truly important things.  Of course we all need to pay our mortgages/rent … lest we be living on the street … and we need to eat … and that costs money too … but what we don’t need to do is get lost in aforementioned bills/mortgages/need-for-stuff.

I have an excellent and dear friend who lives in Ghana.  Upon describing to me the general economic conditions that exist there he said to me: “Many of my people live in huts … but they are joyful inside.”  WOW … how many people living in Western society can say that!??!  Where has our joy gone and how can we get it back?

After all the ups and downs … the mountains and the deep, dark valleys … after the sunny days and the ones when it was seemingly raining without end … I have come to this conclusion: “If I’m not doing at least one thing that I love every day … then I have missed out on a day of life.  And further to that … if I’m not treating the people whom I love … and myself … with respect, honour, love and compassion … then I have missed out on a day of life.”

I awoke this morning with today’s quote ringing in my head and as it was the “How rude” hour of 6 a.m.  I got the full impact of the question.  I realized in a flash that if I only have a year left in my life I choose to walk through every single moment sharing Life’s insights … Perky Polly’s “perk” … and Sunshine Sue’s gloriously bright and shiny perspectives.  I choose to write more … to paint more … to throw myself into every smile that comes my way and every one that flies outward from my heart … and to enjoy … and to share joy with all and sundry.  What would I do if I knew that I only had a year left to live? I would be all that I came here to be … without stories … without holding back … without hesitation.”  What would you do with your last year?

Arinaste Everyone (from my heart to your heart)



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