Grabbing hold of life and dancing for all I’m worth

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” … Mary Oliver

 I think that we need to have Take-a-Chance schools … places where we can go and learn the lessons that our parents didn’t have the background to teach us.  It has been my observation that … on the whole … most people are seriously lacking in the skills to take hold of life (or Life) and really give it a good shake.  And, if you never give life a really good run for its money how will you ever know what you are truly capable of doing and becoming?  Yes indeed … I think that we all need to attend a few semesters at a  local Take-a-Chance Academy.

As an avid people-watcher it long ago came to my attention that most of us seem to have been raised and/or taught by a system that was … and still is … designed to turn out compliant automatons.  Wow … what a shame … and a bore!  Perhaps if we knew for sure that we had an unlimited number of lifetimes with which to experiment we could afford to just kick back and chill about all of the molders-of-personality who are out there in positions of authority.  However, as the jury is still out on that one for a lot of people it seems to me that Mary Oliver has the right of it.  I think that we need to sit ourselves down and have a serious, wee chat with ourselves re: “What do (we) plan on doing with (our) one wild and precious life?”

Ultimately … of course … it doesn’t matter where you fall on the “eternal life” spectrum of thinking and believing.  Whether you are hanging out at the “This-is-the-whole-ball-of-wax.” end of things … all the way out at the “Strumming harps eternally in the clouds” end … or somewhere in the middle with a little … or lots … of introspection and room for all kinds of possibilities … realistically the visible part of eternity that we have to play with is right here … right now.

As our contribution Miss Perky and I are knee-deep in sharing-the-joy … Ms Sunshine has invested her savings in snazzy-looking, rose-colored glasses to help brighten up people’s day … and Capital “L” Life … well It’s doing Its usual awesome job of providing a planet whose sun always rises … whose rainbows always shine after a refreshing (or drenching) bout of rain … whose atmosphere provides everything we need to keep on breathing and experiencing … and where we can play … being as wild … or as restrained … as our little hearts desire.  Who could ask for more!??!

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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