Come join the Happiness Festival

“Be open to possibilities. Laugh often. Let your Heart come out to play regularly. Live life full-out.”  …  Susanne

 Sometimes life is very short.  In the bigger scheme of things that is often balanced out by the fact that other times it’s very, very long.  Whether we’re here for a short run or in for the long haul it behooves every one of us to make the most of every moment and to ardently seek out and embrace happiness wherever and whenever we find it.  Now, I’m not talking about chucking all responsibility out the window … I’m talking about spending less time looking backwards and buying a Time-Share there … and instead spending a whole lot more time being an ardent seeker of the awesomeness of Now.  Sure every Now isn’t going to necessarily be outstanding … however … if we don’t look under every proverbial rock how will we ever know for sure?

Life often hides little gems in interesting and unexpected places … for no better reason than to see our delight and surprise when we find them … hence my feeling that we need to stay “open to possibilities”.  Some of my greatest explorations and happiest times have come from following the urgings of my Heart despite all worldly suggestions … advice … and monologues to the contrary.  These days I have the volume turned way up on aforementioned Heart’s voice.

Miss Perky loves my Heart.  She thinks it has the neatest suggestions … things like: “look for joy everywhere” … or … “if people are acting out – look underneath that and love them anyway” … or her very favorite: “Your life is meant to be lived ~keep your eyes open for Life’s presence.”  Between the two of us we’re all ears for my Heart, and Life’s awesome suggestions.

The girls, Life, my Heart and I can regularly be seen sharing smiles … laughing uproariously … or giggling uncontrollably … over the little silliness’s of life.  We’re all happily living life full-out … no reservations and no stop signs … and boy are we ever having a blast.  Feel free to join in the happiness-fest anytime that you see (or hear) us … more Joyful participants are always welcome!

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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