Changing the world by smelling the roses

“If you’re not exploring Life’s awesome options and loving all of Its variety you are missing out on a beautiful world.”  Susanne

There’s a lot of talk going on out there about “Living in the Now” … but how many people do you know who are actually doing that?  I must confess that in the past it wasn’t always  my way either … at least not until Life assisted and encouraged me to explore and remember how precious life truly is.  I ask myself: “Why is it that it takes a major catastrophe for most people to remember the important things in life?”

My mom would have said that people need to: “Stop and smell the roses” and she would have been right. Today’s popular speakers and writers are encouraging everyone to “Live in the Now” but it seems to me that … sadly … no-one really understands what the heck these people are talking about. The ideas that my mom, and both the Carpe Diem and the Live-in-the-Now philosophies are proposing have become reduced to the popular Buzz Word of today.

I have an idea.  I think that it would be most excellent if we could influence radio stations to start broadcasting a one-line … Twitter length statement of encouragement … first thing each morning.  And if we’re going to be really optimistic … why not dream big and imagine that newspapers are leaping on the bandwagon and running the same kind of short, 140 character statement up in the far right hand corner of The Daily News!??! Maybe that will encourage people to lift themselves out of the doldrums and have a fresh look around.

So what do you think?  Would you like a little something that’s positive to chew on along with your morning coffee?  When there seems to be nothing but bad news everywhere would you like to be reminded that somewhere something positive is happening?  Ms Sunshine is ordering big “I  Appreciate Life” buttons to hand out and Miss Perky is already writing Positive Press Releases.  I have advised the girls that this might be a bit precipitous but hey … who am I to squelch their enthusiasm?  Perhaps Now … this Now … really is the time for people everywhere to stand up and shout from the rooftops … “We want some good news and we want it now!” … after all life is all about exploring options.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone!


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