It’s time to remember that life is precious.

“Life truly is precious.  Gather every moment of it into your arms and embrace it.”… Paula Abdul

O.K. … O.K. … If you hear the sound of scraping it’s only me dragging out my soapbox … :/ … So here goes …If the memory of November 2011 in Japan with its 9.1 Earthquake and resulting tsunami that swept literally thousands of people away … or the awesome force of Haiti’s 7.0 earthquake that killed almost ½ a million people in 2010 were not enough for us to realize how fragile and precious life upon this massive ball of earth and water is … then hopefully this week’s tragic events in Newtown, Connecticut will reinforce the point.

I look at the news and I ask myself: “How did we come to such a place?  How did people forget the sacredness of life?  How could any person think that this is a reasonable thing to do?”  It just doesn’t make any sense does it!??! I believe that “senseless violence” will not stop until every person here acknowledges that all violence is senseless.

My people watching skills lead me to the conclusion that it is fear that lies at the heart of all violence … and whether that fear is  due to feelings of being “not-good-enough” … chemical or mental imbalances … or world/community events … it is the core nugget of fear that needs to be soothed and dissolved.  Feeling fear is like a wearing a pair of dirty glasses all of the time … you just can’t see the world clearly when you do that!  It fogs your vision and your thinking and it makes your memories faulty.  The Bene Geserit … in the novel “Dune” … have a saying: ‘Fear is the mind-killer” and they are right.  It’s hard to appreciate the vastness and awesomeness of Capital “L” Life if fear is beating on your door with a sledgehammer.

So then … perhaps it is time for a shift in perspective.  Perhaps it is time for us to stand up tall … look fear … and fear-mongering … in the face and shout out loudly: “No more!!!”  Perhaps it is time to take back our power and to insist on returning to truly treasuring and sharing the beauty of all life.  And lastly … perhaps it is time to stand up and be counted and to let the people who defend their right to kill indiscriminately and to tote their weapons of destruction whenever … and wherever they want … know that we no longer agree. … (More scraping as the soapbox is dragged off into the sunset …)

Godspeed and Safe Journeying Everyone



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