Happiness was always just waiting for me

“In your Spirit everything is already unimaginably OK.” … Susanne

Sometimes in life really frightening or overwhelming things happen.  Usually they blow into our lives … seemingly out of nowhere … like the storm from hell.  At these times often all we can do is hold on tight … to our beliefs … to our hopes … and to those people in our lives who are our rocks.

Rocks are the voice on the end of the phone … whispering words of reassurance.  They’re the hand that holds ours and the body that sits silently beside us offering the comfort that no words can provide.  Rocks are our best friend … the compassionate stranger … the loving family member and the medical professional whose heart is touched … and who in return touches ours.

It has been my experience that as well as the outside sources of strength there lies within each of us … sometimes previously hidden or deeply buried … a place of quiet in which dwells our own rock.  We may never have seen this place before.  We may have accessed it solely for the benefit of others … but whatever the case … whatever the circumstances when push comes to shove … inside of us there is a strength.

Mother Teresa said: “I know that God wouldn’t give me more than I can handle … sometimes I just wish he didn’t trust me so much!”  I understand that one!  Capital “L” Life and I have an ongoing dialogue on the subject of what constitutes “more than I can handle”.  My friends and family are all weighing in on the “enough is enough” side of the discussion, however, Life is … after all … Life … and so … we have agreed to disagree.

Sometimes in my life really frightening and overwhelming things have happened.  Usually they blew into my life like a runaway freight train.  At these times … more than any other … I discovered both my outside and my inside rocks.  My faith and connection with Life has deepened … my friendship with my rock-friends has become something so much more than simple friendship … and I have discovered that in my rock-space … in my Spirit … everything is indeed unimaginably OK.  What an awesome lesson to have learned and what a great gift life … Life … and rocks have turned out to be!

Arinaste Everyone (from my heart to your heart)


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