Finding happiness on the Happiness-Safari

“Be a hunter of Happiness. Keep your eyes and Heart open and embrace every opportunity to hug your quarry.” … Susanne

 In this world there are ample opportunities to get bogged down in the craziness and polarity of so many opinions and beliefs. The media reminds us at regular intervals of the numerous dyed-in-the-wool mindsets … shenanigans … and outright close-mindedness of a large portion of the population and I … for one … find the escalating madness to be relatively discouraging.

It is at these times … as I peer out of my Internet window at a world seemingly gone mad … that Perky Polly invariably shows up at the office door bearing cupcakes … cold drinks and reminders that the sun is still shining … the Earth is still turning … and Good people are everywhere!  I smile … knowing that she’s right and I  remember that how I look at the world … and whether or not I let Happiness grab me by the hand and drag me upwards is … as always … my choice.

Hafiz said: “Ever since Happiness heard your name it’s been running through the streets trying to find you.”  I really like the idea that Happiness is hunting me down … but I’ve never been one to simply sit around and wait for the goodies to arrive.  So … somewhere along the way … between my trip through Medical-Crisis Land and here … I’ve become a lot more proactive about this whole Happiness mind-set thing … no more simply waiting for Happiness to find me … no siree …every day I’m actively engaged in the business of hunting it down.

Ms Sunshine has acquired for all of us the most excellent magnifying glasses with built-in binoculars … so now there is virtually no chance that Happiness will slip by us unnoticed.  The upshot of that is that we are all finally meeting on a regular basis. It is really awesome having Happiness as a friend and visitor.  We never know where it is going to show up next … but we’re ready … on the lookout … and armed with goodies to share.  Of course Miss Perky reminds me on a regular basis … that if we’d never put on our Safari hats and Sunshine Sue glasses … taken the initiative, Carpe Diem-ed and gone a-hunting we would still be siting in front of the computer waiting and wondering.  “Thanks Polly … you’re the best!”

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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