Welcome to Destiny Road

We think that the road of destiny is walked only by men and women of great vision and fortitude, forgetting that those are the few … the majority being ordinary people living lives of quiet faith … wondering how they ever wound up on this path.” ... Susanne

History is littered with “people of destiny” …  biggies like Einstein, Mozart, Buddha, Joan of Arc, Genghis Khan … you know … the real world-changing type of people … bigger than life … able to leap tall obstacles in a single bound … guided to a future that they have no ability or will to resist.  Whilst these people are definitely impressive time has dulled our memories of the equally important support networks and ordinary folks who each contributed in their own ways.

I don’t really believe that anyone gets up in the morning and says: “Today I am going to change the course of history.”  They may end up doing just that but it has been my experience that the big things in life tend to evolve out of the small ones.  It’s the ordinary, everyday choices that either make us or break us … that either lift us up or hold us down … and that either guide us … singing and cheerful … squarely onto the path upon which Capital “L” Life needs us to be or drag us kicking and screaming onto the same aforementioned path.

So … today I honor the men and women who … in their everyday lives fight battles of which most of us know nothing.  I salute the people who valiantly struggle against cultural and societal norms that oppress and control and I raise a glass to those whose life circumstances are so overwhelmingly dismal that faith of a brighter tomorrow is all that they have.  To you I say: “You may not know it but you are walking a Path of Destiny.  Through your examples and through your struggles others are learning to allow their Compassionate Hearts to rise up and be heard.”  If you’re wondering how the heck you wound up on this path it’s because somewhere … some-when … Capital “L” Life asked: “Who will help shine a light and show a different way of being?” … and you said: “I will!”

Arinaste Everyone (from my heart to your heart)


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  1. Life Quotes says:

    You…are…awesome! This blog is so great. I really hope more people read this and get what you’re saying, because let me tell you, its important stuff.

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