Creating a brighter tomorrow by choosing Joy today

“Commit fiercely to your Heart. Open your arms to Joy. Turn away all false messengers from your door.” … Susanne

 A lot of people are talking these days about free will and freedom of choice.  At the opposite end of the spectrum from free will there is a scarily large number of people who truly believe that their will should reign supreme.  “How”, you might ask, “can I possibly stand up in the face of such people’s determined and focused insistence on their-way-or-the-highway?”  And my answer is: “What is the price if you don’t?”

Over the past few years … as I wandered the halls of numerous hospitals … watched the same-old, same-old world battle with loud voices … and learned to appreciate the “me” who lives in my Heart … I couldn’t help but notice that happiness and joy truly are created from within us.  When you’re going bald from chemo and the cure is killing you only slightly slower than the disease you discover that you have two choices: You can search diligently for any little sparkle of light that you can find or you can wander … lost and sad … in the darkness.

I’m not saying that choosing Joy is always easy.  Everybody else always has an opinion on what our state of mind and Heart should be.  But that’s all it needs to be … an opinion.  They do not know your Heart.  They don’t live in your skin and unless their lives are running along tickedy-boo … realistically they are probably simply looking outwards so that they don’t have to look in.

Perky Polly, Sunshine Sue and I have all decided that we are totally and fiercely committed to the awesome whisperings of our Heart.  Miss Perky paid a visit to our local “Celestial Sports-mart” yesterday and bought us all cute, pink flak jackets to help deflect any grumpiness that may end up being directed our way.  We have it on good authority that Capital “L” Life thinks we look très-cute and is sending buckets of Joy our way just to see us smile. Our arms are definitely wide open and ready to receive.  Messengers-of-doom beware!

Arinaste Everyone (from my heart to your heart)


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