Learning to be O.K. with who I am

“Who you are is ALWAYS enough!” … Susanne

 The world has so many different criteria by which it judges us.  There are the religious ones … the business ones … the family ones … and let us not forget the harshest of them all … our own Inner Critic’s voice.  Everyone seems to either want something from us or demand an adherence to principles and beliefs with which we may … or may not … resonate and agree.

Advertising teaches women … and men too … that if we’re not buff and svelte with sparkly, shining teeth and a smile that stretches from here to eternity … that we are just not making the grade.  As it has been my observation in life that very few people are advertising-picture-perfect I wonder where these determinations leave all the rest of us.  I have a theory on that!

If everyone is walking around feeling not good enough … and subsequently judging everyone else as being not good enough either … then where is the Joy in life?  I believe that it is time to stand up and let ourselves be O.K.  It is time to stop flinching when we look in the mirror because we don’t look like an air-brushed model and to start making a determined effort to find/see/uncover the things about ourselves that are good.

These days … instead of beating myself up about what I’m not … I do my best to a) admit that there are probably some things at which I’ll just never be awesome, b) admire the fact that I do other things at all and c) remember that Capital “L” Life seems to like me just fine … just the way I am.  No-one is ever going to be exactly like anyone else … and that’s a good thing … just imagine how boring it would be if we all looked … thought … and acted the same!  Be You.  Be the You whom you came here to be… and remember that no matter what anyone else thinks: “Who you are is ALWAYS enough.”

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


About embracingchoice

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