Beauty isn’t about your face ~it shines from within

“We don’t lose our beauty because the years pass and we get old ~we lose it because we forget to listen to our Hearts.” … Susanne

 Even when I was young I used to watch people.  It allowed me to come to some relatively firm decisions about how I wanted to live my life.  Observing taught me a lot about people in general… and in particular …about elderly people.  As with any group there was variety  but one thing really stood out for me … and that was that so many of the faces had great big, permanent frowns carved into them.  Right there and then I made myself a vow: “I am not going to frown so much that it becomes a permanent feature on my face!”

A lot of years have passed between here and there … and I’m happy to report that I do not have frown lines that extend from the corners of my mouth all the way down to my chin.  In fact … despite everything … I don’t seem to have any frown lines … which is not to say that I am wrinkle-free  (wouldn’t that be nice!??! )… but rather that my lines seem to be predominately those that come from years of smiling genuinely … laughing often … and choosing to cannonball into the pool of happiness whenever possible.

I have learned to appreciate that the faces that I see … both The Elders and The Young reflect the thoughts … emotions and challenges that each has faced in the past and are facing in their current lives.  And more than that … each face shows me how easy or hard the individual found it to transition through aforementioned challenges.  I see entire lives upon each visage.

Like everyone else … my body is older.  I have learned to listen to my Heart, Miss Perky, Ms Sunshine and Capital “L” Life with minimal discussion.  Consequently I like to think that I am at least a smidgen wiser.  I know that I’m oodles happier than at any other point in my life and so … all–in-all … I’d have to say that life is pretty darn good.  When I look in the mirror these days I still see the same bubbly, optimistic soul staring out of my eyes who shone there when I was 18.  I like to imagine that others see her too … sparkling in my smile … dancing in my walk and shining out of eyes that have seen much … and love life greatly.

Arinaste Everyone (From my heart to your heart)


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  1. Life Quotes says:

    Definitely agree with what you stated. Your explanation was certainly the easiest to understand about “Beauty isn’t about your face ~it shines from within”.

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