It’s time to dream again

“Dream big. Dream small. Dream often or dream once in a while ~but dream.” … Susanne

 As little kids we are all BIG dreamers. Seriously … have you ever met a kid under 5 years old who doesn’t have the greatest imaginary worlds … friends … and adventures ever!~??!  Somewhere between there and here we forget ~at the positive end of the scale … or we get dreams beat out of us ~at the negative end of things.  I think that it’s sad that very few people manage to make it to their adult stage in life with the ability to dream still intact.

So … I have this theory.  I think that if we all came into the world with the ability to dream that it is an innate gift … one that is currently lying dormant inside of us.  Further … if the ability to dream is a natural characteristic of we humans … right from birth … then it is something that we can reclaim … no matter how long it has been since our dreams saw the open sky above us.

It is a sad fact that many controllers believe that if they stomp hard enough … or yell loud enough … or are just generally nasty and derogatory all-round that they will kill other’s ability to dream.  The good news is that they’re wrong!  Sometimes we give up on our dreams … or we let ourselves be convinced that our dreams are impossible or impractical … or we just get really busy with life and simply forget them … but no-one can make us stop having dreams.

So … to everyone who is currently in tough straights or to those who have forgotten or given up on their dreams I say … “Start small”.  Dream a little dream … it doesn’t matter how itty-bitty it is … make it something manageable … but make it something that will put a smile on your face.   Once you get the hang of dreaming again you’re going to notice how good it feels and soon you’ll be dreaming often … smiling more frequently … and fiercely defending your right to do so.  In this crazy world … where things around us are all-too-often awry and beyond our ability to change:  “Dream big.  Dream small.  Dream often or dream once in awhile ~but dream.”

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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8 Responses to It’s time to dream again

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  6. Life Quotes says:

    You…are…awesome! This blog is so great. I really hope more people read this and get what you’re saying, because let me tell you, its important stuff.

  7. saracfry says:

    Ponder this: “I think that if we all came INTO the world”…. now change the wording to “we came out of the world…”

    When we say “into” we are proposing the idea that we are strangers and we don’t belong. “Into” suggests that we came from somewhere else, that we are not a part of our surroundings.

    If everything is interconnected and the energy and life we share is part of something bigger, than we must believe that we “came out of.” We are a part of something much larger than just ourselves.

    Very good thoughts. Thank you! : )

    • Thanks for the great reminder Sara! Yes, indeed. I also believe that we came “out of” something much greater than the manifested world through which we are currently walking. (and yes our world … everything in it … and all we see and don’t see … is also a part of the “something more … 😀 ) For me “Into” simply reflects my feeling that … at the moment … we are intensely focused into this 3-D world and often less focused on Who-We-Truly-Are and Where-We-Really-Came-From …Again many thanks for the thought provoking comment. ♥ Susanne

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