Happiness Welcome Here!

  “Be a hunter of Happiness. Keep your eyes and Heart open and embrace every opportunity to hug your quarry.” … Susanne

 I know a lot of people who are in waiting mode in their lives.  They feel caught between the yesterdays that shaped and impacted them and their dreams for tomorrow.  I know a whole other group … and I used to be one of them … who are racing around in the 3-D world trying to make-things-happen.  They believe that if they stop … even for a minute … that their dreams will slip through their fingers like water.

What I have come to understand is that both of these states of mind are a no-man’s land of wasted time and effort … and you know when I discovered this?  It was when I was fighting for my life on an Isolation floor in a big, downtown Cancer hospital.  I couldn’t run around and be “productive” … and I was too grateful to be alive to spend any time wallowing in the past and the funny thing is … I still found lots of ways to be happy.

With the awesome outside encouragement of friends and family … and the unflagging inner support of Miss Perky, Ms Sunshine and Capital “L” Life … I looked for … and fortunately found … ways to finally be O.K. with what was done and gone.   I also learned to be more present and appreciative of each Now.  Between the two shifts I finally got it that … as Hafiz said … “Ever since Happiness heard (my) name it has been running through the streets trying to find (me).”

My approach to “hunting for happiness” is different now.  These days I hold a strong Intention for a better tomorrow … trust Life to bring excellent opportunities into my life and I allow Happiness to hunt me down.  Miss Perky, Ms Sunshine and I all have our hearts and arms wide open so that whenever Happiness makes an appearance we can group-hug it to pieces whilst simultaneously pointing out the enormous “Happiness Welcome Here” sign on the front door. So far … so good!  Happiness seems to really enjoy the appreciative attention and consequently It’s showing up a lot more frequently.  And that just makes sense … after all there’s nothing like a loving, heartfelt hug to really make someone want to sit down and stay for a spell.

Arinaste Everyone


About embracingchoice

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