Open the door and welcome Happiness in

“Life WANTS to give you the life-of-your-dreams. Open the door and invite it in.”  … Susanne

 Apart from the fact that I am a really positive person it has been my ongoing experience that we create in the world outside of us what is dominant on the inside of us.   I know that there are a lot of people in the world who think that Miss Perky is an inappropriate companion and I respectfully disagree.  It’s easy to feel discouraged in the world ~all you have to do is read the financial pages to do that.  It’s hard not to feel fear ~all you need to do is listen to the news for that feeling to rise up.  And it’s all-to-easy to feel anger and even hatred when you listen to the atrocities and injustices that are perpetuated on a daily basis.

But … and here’s the big but … it has been my experience … over and over and over again … that if I allow myself to get caught up in the negative news and happenings of the world at large … all that does is create one more person with a downer-attitude.  Miss Perky and I don’t believe that world truly needs any more people who feel despondent and whilst Ms Sunshine is willing to concede that her very-favorite Rose-colored glasses may actually not be the best solution for every problem she does believe that a shade of rose would lend a little more optimism to any life.

Ever since Capital ”L” Life plopped me onto the highways and byways of Medical Crisis Land Miss Perky, Ms Sunshine & I have been really focused on traversing said scary land hand-in-hand with the aforementioned Creator.  We hold regular sharing sessions during which I tell It my hopes, dreams and requests … and Life shares Its awesome ideas for co-creating said dreams.  So far … so good … I’m constantly amazed at the unique, interesting and imaginative ways that my dreams show up … and as I am totally open to allowing Life a ton of leeway … things just keep getting better and better.  It’s a system that works well for me … and I invite you to try out the “Ask/share-and-ye-shall-receive” approach as well … after all Life really does want to give you the life-of your-dreams!

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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