Saying “No” to fear and embracing Joy

“If you would know Joy throw yourself into each moment with complete abandon.” …Susanne

 People have so many reasons for holding back.  Probably at the top of the list is fear . I spent the first forty years of life always afraid of something.  All of that fearful energy was like a giant boulder around my neck and it coloured all of my decisions, wants, hopes and dreams.  The big turning point for me came when I stepped so far out of my comfort zone that it became just a distant, little blip on the map.  “What did I do?” you ask.  I hiked for 7 hours to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, stayed overnight and hiked for 9 hours back out.  By the time that was over every single part of me knew that if I could do that … then I could do anything!

I would love to say that after the Grand Canyon episode I was never afraid again … unfortunately that wouldn’t be true.  What is true, however, is that after my great adventure I’d stomp on up to pretty much any fear … stare it in the face (sometimes from behind Capital “L” Life’s big presence) … and move through or past it like the shadowy, foggy thing it really was.  After enough tussles with fear … where I came out the decided winner … I learned that fear is simply a noisy, grumpy ghost who stands between me and a Joy-filled outcome.

The trip through Medical Crisis Land pretty much put the final nail into the coffin of living a fear-filled life.  It very quickly became apparent to me that fear and becoming well again were mutually exclusive options … and I bet you can guess which one I was voting for!??!  I’d have to say that my decision to send fear packing and to embrace Joy has turned out really well!  Joy is a great house-guest and Miss Perky and I are planning on bestowing permanent resident status on her.  Keep your eyes open and when you find us dancing in the sunlight … chasing rainbows … and playing games of “I dream” and I spy” with Life …  join in … Joy is always happy to make new friends.

Arinaste Everyone (from my heart to your heart)


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  1. Life Quotes says:

    This is such excellent advice! I can actually use this starting today! Thanks!!!

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