Share Happiness even when it’s not the easy path.

“We are not called to go where it is easy & love already exists. We are called to go where we are sent & bring love with us.” Anon

 In life there are easy choices to make … what to wear to work today … large or small coffee … fast food for dinner or home cooking … and then there are the tough choices.  “Tough” choices are those that require judgment calls and they almost always involve some level of moral decision-making … even if it’s not at the conscious level.

We are often called to make the “tough choices” even during a normal day.  For those who live in large urban centers there is the decision to help … or not help … the homeless who live, struggle and sometimes die on the streets.  Sometimes our judgment call is whether or not to forgive a colleague or friend who has turned away from us to follow a path that we wish they were not on.  And sometimes it’s simply about whether or not to pay for the coffee that the cashier has not seen or to walk away.

As with most things in life the pursuit and sharing of Happiness and love are not obligatory demands.  No-one is being taken to court by the Happiness Police because they didn’t smile enough today!  Having said that … don’t we take ourselves to court/judge ourselves … as being worthy or unworthy of love … of having tried hard enough to be happy … or given enough effort to share ourselves and our gifts with others? As it turns out sometimes allowing ourselves to be happy is one of the toughest choices of all to make.

Miss Perky isn’t perky because someone told her that she should be.  Ms Sunshine doesn’t share her sparkle because she hasn’t got anything better to do.  No indeed … having come through dark days and hard times the girls and I understand that we are called by Life … encouraged by Life … to carry our positive nature, sunny smiles and gentle encouragement … into a world that has often forgotten how to smile.  It is easy and joyful to do this when we run into others who are also sharing their gifts with the world … but the truest, deepest satisfaction comes from fulfilling Life’s requests … following the synchronicities no matter where they might lead … and sparkling like little stars of hope in the dark.

Arinaste Everyone (from my heart to your heart)


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  1. Life Quotes says:

    Hey there, Thanks a lot for your suggestions.. honestly speaking, I’m already least for now:)… hope your tips will help me to get happiness as well. Thanks again.

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