Be gentle with yourself

“You cannot force yourself or anyone else to change.  Listen to your Heart.  Grow in Understanding.  Allow it to happen.  Don’t be in a rush!  Smile when it finally occurs.” … Susanne

For years I wished that I could be different … you know … bigger, better, awesome even.  For years I let fear run my life and “should” was a regular word in my vocabulary.  I was a hard task-master, had high expectations and as these less-than-charming traits were predominantly self-directed no-one suffered from them more than I.

I think that I picked up my bad habits at home.  My mom was a real driver.  Like a lot of parents she seemed to feel that if she let up for even a moment that I would degenerate into a wild-little-hellion and that it was obviously her job to make sure that I shaped up: as shipping out was not an option.  As I was actually a really good, little girl the lesson that I ended taking out of all of that was that I needed to constantly ride myself to be “better”.

Well … the years passed … the lessons came and went … and I think that after all has been said and done that I have finally learned a different way to be than the one which I learned at home.  These days I’m a lot gentler with myself.  I realize that … like most people … I respond better to constructive criticism and guidance than I do to harassment and brow-beating.  Besides what is the point in that behavior?  I’m doing the best that I can in every moment … and who could ask for more than that!??!

I’ve decided to take a page out of Life’s Handbook on Behavior Management.  As It is always patient, understanding and supportive … and that works so well … Miss Perky, Ms Sunshine and I have bought ourselves a copy of the aforementioned Instruction Manual from our local Amazon.celestial site.  We’re studying up a storm out here … learning new methods of communicating … practicing being an enthusiastic cheering section (we love that chapter!) … and just generally doing our best to … well do our best.  Life; our awesome mentor and friend, is smiling at our progress and we are excited as all heck to finally have access to the tools that will make our perky-little-lives even better.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying everyone.



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