Remembering we have choices and watching for signs

“Two of Life’s greatest gifts are the right to Choose our own path and the ability to hear our Heart’s guidance.” … Susanne

 How many times and in how many places have you heard someone say: “Well that’s just the way it is!” or  “Well, what can you do!??!”  I caught myself saying the second one … to myself … awhile back and promptly answered that question with: “A whole lot actually!!”  That was when I reminded myself that like most of us here I signed up for the “unlimited number of choices” option on this vacation package … and thank goodness for that … this Finding-my-Purpose-in-life thing has been a lot more challenging than I thought it would be.

I believe that each of us has a reason for being here … that aforementioned “Purpose” thing if you will … and although it’s often challenging we can uncover said purpose when we pay attention to both the big … and the little … signs, people and synchronicities with which Capital “L” Life liberally litters our days and nights.  I like to imagine that before I showed up here on planet Earth that one day … as Life and I were sitting under the stars at His jumbo-sized patio table having dinner and a glass of His best Celestial vintage … one of us thought what a great idea it would be if I came here to magic-up ½ of an adventure whilst He co-created the other ½ of the adventure from the patio.

I distantly remember hearing the words: “Don’t forget to listen to your Heart”.  Miss Perky swears that Life sent a Map-book so that we wouldn’t get too lost and cute, little notepads so that we could send Home progress reports … however … as they all seem to have been misplaced on one of our more scenic road choices we’re making do with the occasional, long-distance phone call and advice from strangers.  On our trip we’ve met lots of interesting people and seen places and taken paths that we never even knew existed.  We’ve tried a few things that we are not going to repeat and have finally figured out how to make the two-way radio work so that we can share Life’s awesome advice with all and sundry. All-in-all I’d have to say that our little Earth Adventure is turning out really well.  Well got to run I see another T-junction coming up and you know what that means … Yup time to choose a path again … now where did that map-book go?

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone!


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    I like the way you explained “Remembering we have choices and watching for signs.” Thanks for sharing this great info with us.

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